Sunday, October 5, 2014

I Woke Up Like This

The moment that I laid my eyes upon this sweatshirt I fell in love right away! Besides the fact that statement shirts are a "thing" right now, my other half was the culprit behind this lovely sweater. Thanks to him I got so much compliments when I was strutting down the streets of NYC. Someone even asked me where did I buy it because it simply rocked my whole outfit. I felt some kind of electricity was creeping through my veins when I heard those compliments.  Yiiiieeee!

Since my sweet heart gave this to me, I figured why not make this blog entry wholeheartedly dedicated to him. Also, October is his birth month so might as well my first entry will be for my one and only. (OMG I didn't know that I could be mushy and cheesy like this! Blame it to the so called long distance relationship!) hah!
Though we have exactly 8,491 miles apart stretch, never have I seemingly felt this gigantic geographical distance between us. He never made me feel alone most especially when everything seems to collapse around me. That's how good he is. No. Scratch that. He is actually AWESOME. The unwavering love that he never fails to manifest every single day was way beyond my expectations. To be honest I have no idea how does this thing works, I just took the gamble and let myself emerge to the highs and lows of LDR. Surprisingly, everything is working out just fine and we are nearly close in celebrating our anniversary. Him and I swarmed through the seas and I must admit that we are far from being a pro. But I believe with our continuous efforts we can surmount whatever challenges it may bring us.
I am just so grateful that I have the perfect partner to go through this. He is the sweetest guy that I've known, better than your Snickers chocolate bar or any of that same kind. He always makes me feel like I am the greatest blessing that happened to him (and yes, he is to me). He stays up all night just to hear my continuous list of shenanigans. He is gifted with an enormous amount of sense of humor which makes me look like a totally crazy person whenever we have funny conversations. He taught me how to loosen up with regards to my feelings. Like that it's okay to let your partner know that he is wanted. 
I can go on with my list on how lucky I am to have such a great partner in life but I guess I will reserve the others for myself. Because you might snatch him away from me realizing that this kind of humans are already extinct. haha! Okay, I guess that's waaaaaay too cheesy to say. 

Thanks, my heart because of you I'm always waking up like this - with a smile on my face. 

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Monday, September 15, 2014

Nude and Black

This was taken few days ago before the breezy weather become unbearable without wearing a light sweater. Fall is starting to be visible again which excites me because another new beginning is about to unfold. I mean, who wouldn't want a new chapter and try to start anew, right?
This top has been in my closet for almost 2 years now yet I couldn't find a perfect ensemble that can go with it. Talking about making a statement here. Good thing I have this statement skirt which complimented my top well. I just thought that my snickers made an extra oomph too. But since fall is here I guess I have to find a dark version of this. Let the search for a perfect pair of sneakers begin. 



Friday, August 29, 2014

Martha's Vineyard

Forgive me for the long hiatus. I've been juggling tons of things lately that made me MIA for the past days or week. Even that I can't keep track. Anyway, the part II of my trip few weeks ago are coming up so brace yourselves. 

Its been ages since the last time I saw such a beautiful and serene beach here in east coast. Probably because you can't really see any here in New York. I was in awe when I saw how gorgeous the beach was and couldn't wait to jump off the water. Spell really excited! 

I had a chance to savor their lobster roll and mind you, that was the freshest lobster roll I've ever tasted to date. And of course what is a complete meal without a dessert. We grab some ice cream at Madd Martha's and a scoop was like bigger than my whole face. Haha! It was fun eating though, because it feels like you're running in a marathon otherwise it will disappear in your hands. 

I had a fun trip this summer. I am still hoping that we could get a little bit of summer but the wind is starting to feel breezy again. Fall is coming and I can't wait to fall for the autumn season once again.